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About the Project

Stories are the embodiment of our unique experiences and journeys, and are our primary way of remembering the past. Represent provides a platform for the sharing of stories of all types, including myths, poems, songs, and local folk tales, in multiple dialects. These stories can tell us about our shared culture and history as well as ideas that we can carry forward into our collective future.

  • The project was founded by Vatsala Shrivastava, a journalist and storyteller from Bihar currently based in Bangalore, and Tapan Parikh, a professor at Cornell Tech, based on their mutual love of stories, culture and local knowledge of all kinds.

  • Narrators are listed by name on their respective stories. They retain all rights to their stories, including in their spoken, transcripted and translated forms. All narrators have given their oral consent for recording and publishing their stories. The artwork and photos used with the stories are either our own or paid commissioned work.

  • Our goal is to build a multi-lingual, multi-media cultural atlas of stories, including myths, poems, songs, local folk tales and histories - that can be freely shared and accessed,while respecting the rights and identity of content producers. We work with individuals and groups to identify storytellers, collect stories, and to distribute content to their communities.

  • That is enough small talk! You can find stories by navigating the map above, or by visiting our Soundcloud page. Let us know which are your favorite stories!

  • We are seeking collaborators who would like to be involved with the project. If you would like to share your stories, collect stories from your friends and family members, or be involved in some other way, please contact us.

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